New Crossroads

My life has just finished one huge time consuming task that consisted of five years of college where I achieved a title in front of my name; a Bachelor in Liberal Studies. This means that I created my own major which I titled Social Justice through Storytelling. Currently, I am unemployed and searching for meaning. To say the least, I am at a crossroads in my life. Which ever turn I make, I need it to be one that contributes to my future as much as it will to my present. School did not do much in preparing me to be the person I wanted and needed to be but it worked hard to make me the person it wanted me to be.

Of course, me being the person I am, who follows my own inner voice as much as I can, rejects becoming what others see in me and strives to become what my heart has always led me to be. If you were to ask me to define what that is I wouldn’t be able to for I have not found a title or name to place on it. I can give you hints as much as my heart gives me hints. I want to be/I am a writer and a musician. I also have desire to work with video and editing.

My main prerogative is to provide society with content that reaches past the superficiality of what mass media is telling us to care about and to remind the public of what really matters; love and truth. Whatever their truth may be, so long as they are not fooling themselves by believing the socially constructed truths that have only been proven to benefit the very few who hold power. I am talking about a truth that aims to reawaken the spirit that has been put to sleep by mass media, government, education, and fear. The spirit is resilient and always reachable when it is being directly spoken too.

While being at this crossroads I have looked back on old video footage and writings of mine from nearly ten years ago – writings I placed in a green notebook I carried with me everywhere. What I have found has began to awaken the spirit in me that I allowed college to put to sleep. Now that I have done my time there I have found the time to revisit the person I used to be and have found gems that she has left me. The Jerrika from ten years ago is awakening my spirit as she is speaking directly to it. I can’t keep these writings trapped in this green notebook any longer. She…me is the direction I am going to turn at this crossroads. I am going to set free the words I wrote years ago and give them to the public. I have finally come to a place to let her/my words be heard by anyone who has a mind and heart to listen.

I hope that what my younger self had to say those years ago will help you on your journey as much as it is helping me on mine.