A year ago today my mom unexpectedly died. I choose to honor this day and her life by sharing one of her many writings on life and how to live…


Live within your means with an attitude of gratitude, appreciation, and love. Be ever thankful for what you have and not grudgingly sorry for what you have not. Have a willingness to share with a generous heart and spirit.

Don’t let anything that happens to you, or anything you go through, define who/what you are. Be ever open to answers in resolving or rising above whatever threatens to bring you down. Turn challenges and oppositions into opportunities for learning…suffer your hardships, difficulties, annoyances, inconveniences, and enduring pain with appreciation, without complaint, with grace. Resisting, avoiding, fighting, giving in to these challenges can be denying opportunities of turning potential weaknesses into strengths into friends, providing us with very sweet opportunities for personal growth and development.

We need to preserve a sense of self and a sense of what truly is important…thus we can maintain a sense of balance and well-being, thus grow and develop and evolve.

We would be wise to live life one day at a time…with our focus on the present moment…where life is! Living a deliberate life with meaningfulness, purpose, intention and interest in only that which is conducive to good health, happiness and well-being. Resolve yourself to positive thinking/thoughts. As you do, all other thinking/thoughts fall away when given no attention by not entertaining them. Only that which you want shall stay in the mind and support you in creating a life of surety, clarity, peace, comfort and joy. Positive thinking/thoughts uplift, encourage, strengthen and stimulate us to positive action and rise above.

The alternative, which is the opposite – negative thinking/thoughts which are heavy, weigh us down and serve to keep us there. These are thoughts that rob us of our strength, courage, health, happiness and well-being…and the wherewithal to be moved to make any good use of our circumstances/situations. Negative thinking/thoughts keeps us from rising above our dilemma and keeps us in the doldrums of the consequences of negativity. The results are depression, a feeling of sinking deeper and deeper into helplessness to resignation…unresisting acceptance of something thought of as inescapable. This is when energy is at a low and you can become disinclined to exert any effort to free your mind of such a lowly state. A place we do not have to stay at.

Ultimately, in reality, we are the creator of our own lives or we are our own destroyers. No matter who we are born to with all of the predisposed genes, no matter where we were born, no matter how we were raised, no matter what our experiences, we truly have the capacity and the ability within us to choose our own definition and live a life according to that.

How we take to, treat, and employ (use and apply) our experiences makes all the difference.

How do we do it…really.

With patience…being calm, still, don’t let our mind get all befuddled by that which we do not understand in the beginning. Using patience we can learn to understand and trust what something really is about…not just what it seems at first. With patience and trust you may come to know that you were just offered/allowed another opportunity for some needed growth.

With love…not just loving those who are obvious such as family and friends etc…that is a given kind of love…easy! To love, especially, those who despise you, want to hurt you and use you…this is where the true test of love is. Where forgiveness is present. This loving-ness can reach, touch and change lives.

Charity – to be generous in kindness, tolerance, consideration, compassion…even in the face of anger, resentment and other confusing challenges.

Basically, live the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Know that what you do to another/others…you’ve already done to yourself. So it would be good to remember that you are the one drinking the poison and expecting the other person to die, when in reality…you are only poisoning yourself.

In living the Golden Rule we can begin to see ourselves in others and rejoice in our simple lives together as well as independently.

Be of good cheer. Applaud life with all of its surprises. They are for us to use wisely and empower us. Be resistant to giving up the fight of growth, and development of that which is essential for our evolving and becoming all that we can be in health happiness and well-being. It is all really rather simple and you catch on and commit yourself to a life of useful meaning…Plain (easy to perceive and understand) and Simple (straightforward, effortless comprehensible, unpretentious).

Plain and Simple =

Honest and True



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